We have a 160 hectare Tea Tree and Produce farm situated on the mid north coast in the Nambucca Valley.
This has been Theo’s home since 1996. Many of his plans and ideas are influenced by research and development into biodynamic farming from Switzerland, Theo’s home country.
Theo’s has planned a management program involving biodynamic organic farming principles. Since August1997, the Farm at 1756 Nth Arm Rd NSW has been “Certified organic”.
We are one of the very few farms in Australia that are applying the Biodynamic method to grow Tea Trees.
This method is a new approach to organic agriculture based on advanced knowledge of the workings of the soil, plants, and animals, as they exist on the farm and as part of the total environment. It aims to produce well-balanced plant growth from sustainable soil fertility through enhancing soil structure and the availability of nutrients. It uses a range of farm sourced "preparations" to assist in effecting these aims. These preparations, developed initially by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, are from plant, animal and natural rock materials.

Tea Tree Production

The Valley of Nambucca has the best conditions for Tea Tree. Here the Tea Tree grew wild. This area and the natural environment guarantee that the Tea Tree and, consequently, the oil are in a balanced relationship. The Tea Trees are harvested at a height of about 2 metres. Then slashed right down to the stumps, it takes around 12 months for regrowth, in readiness for the next harvest. After harvesting, they are taken directly to the distillery area on the farm. We have our own distillery equipment on-site. We can begin the next steps immediately after our Tea Trees is harvested. As the distillation is process on the farm, we can avoid long transportation hauls to an off-site plant. We use modern machinery in the distillery. All ingredients stay intact during the distillation and very little is wasted. We are careful to thoroughly complete the distillation of the Tea Tree. This insures we capture all the active therapeutic ingredients. Our Tea Tree Oil is stored in stainless steel container.
We take pride in obtaining the very best oil possible at our tea tree farm. Every harvest is quality checked for its chemical composition by the independent Department of Agriculture, New South Wales. Therefore, each delivery is guaranteed to be of the highest pharmaceutical grade quality and is supplied with a Certificate of Analysis. Every batch of Tea Tree Oil can be traced back to the paddock to where it was harvested. We bulk export one and a half to two tonnes of Tea Tree Oil to our customers all over the world.
In 1998 hard work and careful management were rewarded with industry recognition to Theo by the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association (ATTIA) for the Best Tea Tree Oil Award, judged on clarity and suitability for market demand.

History and additional workings of our farm

In the mid 1800’s our farm caught the eye of the early European pioneers for the valuable Red Cedar Tree, and its fertile mixed volcanic/clay with red brown top soil. Later it was turned into a Dairy Farm, where the milk was sent to the thriving butter factory at Bowraville and shipped to England. In 1960 this trade was discontinued so the industry ceased. Around 1980 a Tea Tree plantation was started with the planting of millions of Melaleuca alternifolia TeaTrees.
The property and terrain mostly consists of rolling green hills gradually building up. 70% is cleared land. The remainder is Regrowth Native Forest whereupon it adjoins the NSW State Forest. Three quarters of the farm is surrounded by the North Arm/Nambucca River. It delivers pristine, crystal clear water for drinking and services.
In addition to Tea Tree Oil production the farm grows over 5 tons of biodynamic Russian and Purple Glen garlic per annum. The buy product of mulch that is produced from the Tea Trees is used for mulching the garlic and fertilizing.
We also manage over a 100 head of beef cattle also a buy product. They graze and breed, fertilising the land as well as controlling grass regrowth. Natives Wallabies (small kangaroos) freely roam the farm and also assist by controlling grass regrowth and enjoying this harmonious environment.
In 2005 we finished an 8 month Organic Prograze course. It was a project organised between State Department and Meat and Live Stocks Australia Limited. This course aimed to develop our beef cattle knowledge whilst increasing our skills in pasture and animal assessment. This has allowed us to identify additional ways where we can utilise these skills to improve our management decisions.
In 2002 we also attended The Master Tree Growers Course. This was set up by the government to encourage farmers on the best ways to develop farm forestry and agro forestry. To plant, grow and nurture trees for the future, by managing our existing native regrowth forest in a more responsible way, which helps, flora, fauna and organic matter to subsist. It gives us a greater knowledge of ways to look after our forest, while still been able to make a profit.A selective amount of native regrowth forests is harvested. A Portable Lucus Sawmill is used to mill logs for farm use and selected sales.
We oversee the farm with a holistic responsible approach by giving back what we take from the land by successfully restoring and improving the soil.
In every way at our farm, we live in harmony with nature and in readiness for the next generation. We hope you enjoy our quality produce and welcome any queries you may have by contacting us via phone: (02) 6564-4141.
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The Tea Tree Oil and Hydrosol is distilled with care gently into stainless steal cylinders to maintain a top grade quality. It is then stored into stainless steel tanks. Samples are then taken and analysed at the N.S.W Agriculture Institute. After this, is ready to be sold.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

Yours sincerely,
Theo Maurer & Anita Luginbuhl

For a quote and an update on the delivery situation, please contact our farm directly by letter, phone or fax.
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